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6688 Glade Road Southeast B, Acworth, Georgia 30102

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    Dec, 23, 2017
    Anna Edmondson
    Renters beware.. In the beginning, they were great. When we moved out was when we had problems. We were double charged for carpet cleaning, resulting in $200 less returned on our deposit, even though the company that cleaned the carpet the second time didn't even charge. Also, they added this "damage" after we signed off on damages from the final walk thru.

    Sharen Fatha, the one who does the walk thrus and inspections is too stupid to comprehend even the simplest of conversations. I have dozens of emails where she uses numbers instead of words (ie. 2 and 4) and most of her correspondences are written in slang (ie. let u know early aft, "lets get 1 open house"). She also starts a sentence in the email subject line and finishes the sentence in the body of the email?? Yet she signs her email as being in the business for 10 years? 10 years and you still can't compose a professional email?

    ALSO, I had to stay on the phone with her as she drove to my house because she said she "couldn't figure out" her GPS. A 15 minute convo where I had to literally direct a grown woman to my house????
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